Frequently Asked Questions

Does Fence It WA install the fence or only supply it?

Yes our qualified team can promptly install the fence with optimum safety in any location.

Do you sell temporary fences?

No we put all of our time and effort into servicing the hire industry

Does Fence It WA supply shade cloth?

Yes we stock various types and colours of shade cloth, plain and printed.

Does Fence It WA have any additional bracing options if we need to fix a
privacy screen to the fence?

Yes we stock 1000s of support stays for fences with shade cloth and hoarding to comply with
AS 4686-2007.

Is Fence It WA able to supply a heavy vehicle access gate wider than the panels?

Yes we stock 6m wide heavy vehicle access gates which are commonly used on civil and mining sites.

Does Fence It WA supply gates with their pool fences?

Yes. For easy access to your pool we stock self closing pool gates which comply with AS 1926.1-2007.

If equipment is accidentally damaged who is responsible for the cost of repairs or replacement?

The hirer (client) is liable for any damaged equipment and will be invoiced accordingly.