Groundhog T4 Trencher

T-4 Trencher is a small, operator propelled, chain-type trencher designed for jobs requiring a 3 inch wide trench up to a 12 or 18 inch deep.  The T-4 is narrow, compact design allows easy access around the job site and it easily fits through gates and doorways.

The T4 is easy to use and transport. The simplified operator controls help make the machine user-friendly and perfect for DYI irrigation and NBN installation.

The Ground Hog T-4 uses a unique ratchet mechanism on the wheels to help prevent the machine from pulling away from the trenching direction. This greatly aids the operator while trenching and allows the trencher to do the digging while the side delivery auger piles the dirt up neatly beside the trench.

The compact size of the T-4 Trencher and it’s built in lift handles make it easy to transport.