Able 50KVA Generator

When you need a generator you don’t want any hassle. You want to fill it up, plug it in and get back to work. Our 50kVA Diesel Generator won’t give you any hassle. It runs 27 hours continuously at prime load. It’s built tough for permanent outside use and the water-cooling and insulation will withstand whatever extremes this sunburnt country can throw at it. A bevy of safety systems will protect you and yours and the silenced canopy won’t keep you up at night. Add to this amazing stability and reliability you can get back to work and not worry about the lights going out.

  • Strong: Tough-built canoply perfect for outdoor use all year long
  • Low RPM – 1500 RPM, 4 Cylinder Engine:Longer life and stability
  • Water Cooled:Won’t wilt in the sun
  • Safety First: All outlets boast IP66 rating as standard for safe usage
  • Easy to Move:Easy lifting in any situation with 3 lifting points
  • 50 kVA 415 Volt
  • Water Cooled
  • Silenced 67dB at 7 metres
  • 1 × 15amp 240volt outlets
  • 1 × 20amp 415volt outlets
  • 2 × 32amp 415volt outlets
  • Australian Compliant
  • Full RCD & M.E.N. Wiring
  • Easy connect ATS plug