Able 30 KVA Generator

These low RPM, water cooled generators could not be better suited for the hot conditions only Australia can dish out. Ideal for dependable, extended use or as a quality back-up the GL30I3 excels in the demands of commercial, mining or farming operations. A tremendously reliable heart is the cherry on top with a good engine that won’t let you down. Powered by one of the best in the world with the benefits of one of the best in Australia this is the generator you need.

  • Low RPM – 1500 RPM, 4 Cylinder Engine:Long life and stability
  • Water Cooled:Takes extreme heat in it’s stride
  • Clean, Mains Type Power: 4-Pole, brushless alternator with AVR outputting
  • Safety Sells:Guaranteed safety shutdown thank to a failsafe fuel solenoid
  • 30 kVA 415 Volt
  • Water Cooled
  • Silenced 65dB at 7 metres
  • 2 × 15amp 240volt outlets
  • 1 × 20amp 415volt outlets
  • 1 × 32amp 415volt outlets
  • Australian Compliant
  • Full RCD & M.E.N. Wiring
  • Easy connect ATS plug